Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week - May 3rd - May 7th
Thu, Apr 29 11:04am
Greetings Hacienda Parents!  
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week is May 3rd - 7th!
This is an exciting Hacienda tradition where we have the opportunity to show our teachers and staff just how much they are appreciated. We have designed it for kids at school and at home. Let's show our gratitude  with the fun activities below!
Monday, May 3rd- Put a flower on your desk or bring one to school. We will have vases for the kids to add their flowers to at school.  If you are at home then have one on your desk so it can be admired while you are on your webcam.  Also teachers and staff will be receiving their tie-dye shirts on Monday.  Thank you to everyone who sponsored the shirts!  We were able to get everyone at school a shirt!
Wednesday, May 5th - Please have your child make something creative (a card, poem, story, drawing, pictures, etc.) for his/her teacher and bring it to school.  If you are at home you can send it to someone special by posting it where it can be seen on your webcam, or by taking a picture of it and emailing it or submitting it via Canvas. We also encourage students to make something for other teachers like their science teacher, music teacher, principal, office staff, janitor, librarian, or anyone who has helped your child become who they are today!!! There will also be a HIPS sponsored raffle where teachers and staff can win prizes! 
Friday, May 7th - Wear your favorite tie-dye shirt!  We'll have a whole school full of colors!  HIPS will also be hosting a safe catered lunch for all the teachers and staff. It will be in the ODC this year so everyone can enjoy the weather and our wonderful pond. The winners of the raffle will drawn also. 
You can also send gift cards in person or online as a sweet treat for his/her teacher.  Gift cards can be for any value and to any store i.e. Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Peet's, Amazon, etc. You can send gift cards to their SJUSD email addresses and the teachers/staff can collect them that way also.  
Thank you so much for all your help in showing our teachers and staff how much we appreciate them! They truly have been remarkable!!