Volunteering at Hacienda
Wed, Sep 2 10:00am

Looking for ways to get more involved at Hacienda?  Volunteering at Hacienda can be extremely rewarding for both you and your child. Thanks to our strong volunteer community, HIPS is able to provide a well-rounded, enriching academic and social experience that benefits all in our Hacienda families.


For a list of volunteer opportunities, visit our Google Form at https://forms.gle/ksC4xXXhdmftvrnX9.   You may fill out the form to either sign up to volunteer OR request more information.  (Those who prefer to sign up immediately, can alternatively visit the Committees link in Konstella to join their committees of interest.)


Even in this time of social distancing and distance learning, HIPS is committed to providing the  events and programs that have long been a part of Hacienda. Our committee leaders are hard at work developing new and creative ways to safely execute these activities.  With that, we need volunteers to bring them to fruition.  


We know your time is valuable and these days, perhaps, more scarce than usual.  HIPS immensely appreciates the time and efforts given by our volunteers and kindly ask you to consider offering your time in any way that you can.  Thank you for your support!