Budget Committee

A budget committee is generally defined as a group of people that creates and maintains fiscal responsibility for an  organization.  

The HIPS Budget Committee consists of Board members, Principal, Staff and Parents of HIPS.  The committee's purposes are:

a) Prepare and recommend an annual budget that represents our diverse school

needs and desire by the community in March and August timeframe;

b) Review the annual budget throughout the year for any necessary adjustments as proposed by Board and Event Leads to reflect changes or new items.  

Other duties include:  

i)Review emails and online votes if necessary for changes during the year.  

ii)A sub-group assists with Teacher Grant approval. 

Positions (2/2 filled)

Board Members Signed Up: 3 / 3

General Members Signed Up: 10 / 10

Attend Committee meeting to discuss and approve Budget prepared by Treasurer in March and August timeframe. Review emails and online votes if necessary during the year. A sub-group may assist with Teacher Grant approval.