Calling All PESTS (ie Secret Pals) for 19-20


PESTS stands for “Parents Encouraging Superior Teachers and Staff.”

This is what you do: O nce a month you simply need to drop off a goodie, a card, or a note saying 'thank you' to the person you are assigned, anonymously. No creativity is needed just a willingness to brighten someone's day and yours at the same time! You can even drop off your item to the front desk or find a student to drop it off incognito!

We are looking for secret pals for each and every one of our staff members. Being a PEST does not have to be expensive, just thoughtful. Ideas include a simple note dropped in their mailbox, a treat or homemade cookies, or a flower from your garden!!! This is a fun and easy way to volunteer for our school.

Please consider brightening the day of our fabulous staff! To receive your PEST assignment, please send a Konstella message with your top 3 picks to Elisabeth Pintar (Lead) and she will match you up. If you are open to anyone, we will be sure to place you where there is a need. =) 

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