Family Fun Events
Fall- This event will need to be virtual. Last year we did family bowling at Uncle Bucks/Bass Pro and it was very popular and sold out. We will likely return to this venue next year, pending everything is safe and still open at that time. For this year we need to think of a virtual event that kids and parents can participate in from home. Right now, the top option seems to be a virtual family escape room (girl scout troops have been doing these over the summer with very positive responses). If you have a virtual event to recommend, please let the group know! I'm very open to ideas and help to make something work for the school during home learning that can be fun for all ages. 
Spring- Family themed dance. I am still holding out hope we will be "live" in the spring and can do the real deal. Themes were voted on the survey in the spring after the last dance so we can look to see what is exciting and maybe let classes vote on the top 3 when we get closer. This can be somewhat easily turned into a virtual event, with a live dj, if we need to. We'll start planning for the dance in the new year. 

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