Kinder Kick Off Committee-for incoming 24-25

Volunteer to join the kinder kick off committee to help us bring the magic alive for our incoming 2024 Kindergartners!

Kinder Kickoff is on Saturday August 3rd from 9:00am to 11:00am. Volunteers please arrive at 8:30. Students and parents will meet their teacher and classmates, participate in some fun activities all in preparation for an amazing KINDER YEAR!!

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Positions (3/12 filled)

Co-Chair Signed Up: 2 / 2

Principal Signed Up: 1 / 1

HIPS Board Reps Signed Up: 4 / 4

Haciendia Logo-wear sales table Signed Up: 1 / 2

Assist with Haciendia logo-wear Sales
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Uniform Swap Signed Up: 1 / 2

Assist with managing uniform swap area
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Art project in kinder classes Signed Up: 1 / 4

We will have an art station in each kindergarten classroom, you'll help and assist students with the art project!
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Set up table with information on our Sprouts, Art Vistas and Project Cornerstone programs and be available to answer questions!
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Snack Table (Station 1) Signed Up: 1 / 2

Set up table with snacks for Kinder kick off
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Science (Station 2) Signed Up: 2 / 4

Help science team with science project
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Music (Station 3) Signed Up: 0 / 2

Table with information on Haciendia's Music program
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Kinder exclusive TIE DYE SHIRTS (Station 4) Signed Up: 1 / 6

Help with tie dye station
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General Volunteering Signed Up: 9 / 25

General KINDER KICK OFF volunteering
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