Traffic & Safety

Drop Off and Pickup is always a busy time on campus.  This vital and important team helps keep our students safe and parents informed.


Driving & Parking Around Hacienda

  • Always be sure your child exits the vehicle on the right passenger side and not into traffic.
  • Be aware of time limit zones, slow speeds, red zones and white “loading only” zones.
  • DO NOT park in the Bus Loading Zones on Kimberly and Vistamont Drives.
  • DO NOT park in the staff parking lots on Kimberly and Rodney Drives.
  • Never “double park”, block handicap spaces, drop students away from the curb, go around cars in the street, make a u-turn in the school zone
  • Do not leave your car if parked in a white 5-Minute Loading Zone
  • Please be considerate of our neighbors. Do not: block driveways, bump or move garbage cans, park on or drive through yard clipping piles, etc.
  • Always be alert when you are: in your vehicle, walking in crosswalks, and anywhere else that children may be. We need to look out for one another and especially for all Hacienda students.
  • San Jose Police patrols will issue citations for speed, safety and parking infractions.
  • If you observe dangerous behavior, please report it to a teacher and/or the school office immediately.

Using the Drop-Off Circle on Kimberly Drive

  • You may drop off Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade students in the Drop-Off Circle
    (3rd – 5th graders can use the Drop-Zone on Rodney.)
  • Children should ONLY EXIT the vehicle on the right passenger side.
  • Always pull up to the gate where it says Drop-Off before having your child exit your vehicle.
  • DO NOT pass cars in the Drop-Off Circle.
  • DO NOT allow children to exit until you’ve reached the Drop-Zone at the end of the circle by the blue gates.
  • Have children ready with backpacks, etc., when you reach the Drop Zone (do not have backpacks, lunch boxes, school projects, etc. in the trunk).
  • Say your goodbyes before reaching the Drop Zone.
  • Right Turn Only when exiting the Drop-Off Circle.


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Coordinates Recurring Events to Manage Coverage
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Traffic Circle Signed Up: 0 / 10

From 8:30 until start of school, Open doors and greeting students as they arrive safely in the unloading zone nearest the front office on Kimberly Dr.
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Safety Enforcement Signed Up: 0 / 3

Occasionally stand in problem areas directing pedestrian and street traffic to the proper paths.
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