Yearbook 19-20

The Hacienda yearbook is designed by parent volunteers for each class and for key activity pages.  We use Josten's for our online design.  This is a great way to volunteer on your own time from home.

We will provide a few training sessions for the software so everyone is comfortable moving around in the portal.  Once you have a page assigned, you will be responsible for taking/collecting pictures, the design of the page and obtaining approval from the teacher or person responsible for the area you are working on (Ex Sprouts, Art Vistas coordinator,etc.)


There are 3 deadlines. Exact dates still TBD, but to give you an idea.  In January  Fall, Winter Activities, along with grades 2-5 are submitted, February includes Preschool, Kinder & 1st  & In March the enrichment pages.


If you have any questions please contact Alicia Gonzales on Konstella or



Positions (1/5 filled)

Yearbook Coordinator Signed Up: 1 / 1

Overall Coordinator for yearbook design. Work with committee to collect individual pages and submit to yearbook company. Recruit volunteers & setup training.

Page Lead Signed Up: 8 / 35

Design page(s) for classrooms or other groups. Responsible for taking/collecting photos for your page and overall design and layout. Work with Yearbook Coordinator to meet deadlines for assigned page(s). Attend training for online portal.
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Submit Photos & Keep in the Yearbook Loop Signed Up: 1 / 30

Got Photos, Sign up Here to get connected with yearbook pages
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Photographer Signed Up: 0 / 3

Photograph school events (music events, competitions, school dances (at lunch) and upload pictures to the Jostens portal so page designers have photos to chose from. Each page designer is ultimately responsible to getting the photos for their page. If there is a need for photos, the page designers will work with photographers to see if they can shoot an event. Photographers can also randomly visit schools as they are there for their own children and take snap shots.
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Replay It Ambassador Signed Up: 0 / 1

Replay It is an App that can be downloaded on smartphones. If there is a picture a parent wants to share with the Yearbook Committee, a photo can be uploaded to the Jostens portal via this app and will be in a specific section for Page Designers to receive it. This ambassador will communicate the new arrival of this app/capability, how to use and serve as liason to the Yearbook Advisor on any questions.
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