Ballantyne Families Helping Neighbors In Need
Mon, May 9 11:21am
Dear Families,
Our community has been amazing throughout this year - thank you!!  But, we are HALFWAY through our fundraising period and are slightly behind where we need to be!   
If you are able, please take a look at this signup ( and signup by May 13th.      
Also, if you would rather donate a smaller amount, go directly to PayPal or Venmo.  Every little bit will help!
We can do this!
Thanks in advance for your help in feeding families for the summer!
Ballantyne Families Helping Neighbors In Need (BFHNIN)
Facebook - @BallantyneFamiliesHelpingNeighbors
PS - Below is a thank you note from a family who just received food assistance:
"I cannot even begin to explain my appreciation and gratitude towards BFHNIN. Yesterday, I received several bags of food donations that were much needed. Tears begin to fill up in my eyes yet again on time blessings. So, I didn't want this beautiful sun filled Tuesday to pass without acknowledging you and all you do for our family."