Hawk Ridge Fun Run Update (Oct. 13)
Thu, Oct 13 9:10pm
Hawk Ridge Elementary

Fun Run Day 3 is in the books! Today students the second step to making a difference in their communities- WRITE A PLAN. And, we're nearly halfway to our Fun Run goal for playground renovation and expansion! 

Check out the top classes per grade:

K: Benton ($43 per lap)
1st: Uriarte ($37 per lap)
2nd: Mershon ($41 per lap)
3rd: Abrams ($47 per lap)
4th: Loken ($45 per lap)
5th: Sadler ($50 per lap)

As students heard today, the class that gets the most new pledges tonight will get a Glow Stick Dance Party.  And, remember, Corporate Matching Gifts count as pledges for the Hawk Ridge Fun Run!

Thank you for making Hawk Ridge a place where students soar!