Hawk Ridge Fun Run Update
Tue, Oct 11 9:24pm
Hawk Ridge Elementary
Our Hawk Ridge Fun Run program is off and running! Parents, you may be asking yourself, “What’s the best way to get a pledge?” Answer: STUDENT STAR VIDEO! Parents who send a Student Star video to friends and family raise, on average, $90 more than those who don’t. Simply log in to FUNRUN.COM, click the “Create Student Star Video” button, upload a photo of your child, and off you go! 
So far we've received pledges from 22 states and our top classes are:
#1 Loken-4th ($22 per lap)
#2 Mershon-2nd ($19 per lap)
#3 Benton-K ($18 per lap)
The top earning class each grade level will receive a Target gift card for the teacher and class popcorn party.
As always, thank you for supporting Hawk Ridge!