Hawk Ridge Fun Run--2 Days to Go!
Mon, Oct 17 8:36pm
Hawk Ridge Elementary

With just two days left, we are at 72% of our goal!

50 State Challenge: Once we reach pledges from all 50 states, Mr. Drye will work from the playground for a day. We only have five states remaining so reach out to family and friends in Hawaii, Idaho, Mississippi, New Mexico and North Dakota! 

Color Run: 4th and 5th grade, you are so close to meeting Color Challenge--$571 out of the $630 goal! 

Top classes:
K: Benton ($68 per lap)
1st: Uriarte ($63 per lap)
2nd: Mershon ($65 per lap)
3rd: Thomas ($57 per lap)
4th: Loken ($73 per lap)
5th: Sadler ($68 per lap)
Thanks so much for supporting Hawk Ridge!