UPDATE on PTA Improvements
Wed, Aug 22 8:13pm
Hawk Ridge Elementary
Dear Families,

Based on feedback we received from the PTA Membership via survey at the end of the 2017/2018 school year, the PTA Board has been working on using leftover funds to improve the outside of the mobile units.  After extensive research and multiple bids from contractors, we finally found a company that will properly install vinyl lattice around the trailers and secure them to the ground.  Attaching them to a grounded frame ensures that they can not be kicked in and students can not get under them.

This project is happening in multiple steps over the course of a few weeks:

First, we removed old, rotting and dangerous wood lattice and any debris around and under the units.   Next, workers removed and properly reinstalled existing vinyl pieces that were in good shape. (see before and after pictures)

The final phase of the project will be removing the rest of the wood lattice, bringing in the new vinyl lattice boards, and installing them around every side of every trailer in need.   We are waiting for the lattice to ship and arrive on site so that the contractors can finish this last and very important part of the job.

While the board had hoped to have this project finished before the start of school, delays in finding the right contractor set us back a bit.   We are thrilled that the project is underway now and know it will be a huge improvement once complete.   We will keep you up to date on the project and truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

Juliane Kilcoyne, President