Haynesfield Happenings!
Sat, Aug 12 3:13pm
Haynesfield Elementary

Hello Haynesfield Parent! 

The year is off to a great start!  If you are getting this message, then you are already taking advantage of this great communication tool, Konstella.  Don't forget to assign your child to his/or homeroom and check out committees and sign up options for volunteering at Haynesfield.  Please help us spread the word about signing up for Konstella so others can get these weekly updates too!!

Are you interested in being your child's Homeroom Parent Leader? Simply talk to the Homeroom Teacher or the Chairman, Amanda Sells  amandabsells@gmail.com.  This is a great way to meet other Haynesfield parents and to help all our students have a successful year.

Here is what is Happening this week:

Monday--Cash For Kids Fundraiser Kickoff

Tuesday-Open House/PTA Party on the Playground--All Families are invited, 5:30 in the gym followed by 30 minute introduction to your child's teachers and classrooms.  Join us after 6 pm for the Party on the side Playground for good food, music, and fun.  Food vendors will be available so come buy dinner and ice cream!  Bring a chair!  Come by and sign up for PTA and Konstella to get your ticket for a chance to win one of many Door Prizes!

Thursday--AR Kickoff with Bristol Pirates and Eclipse presentation by Dr. Ray Bloomer, Astrophysicist from King University