Haynesfield Happenings!

Sun, May 20 1:57pm

Hello Haynesfield parent!!  Well, congrats on making it through another school year!!  Click on the final broadcast of the year from our awesome all-star reporters: https://www.schooltube.com/video/29 ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sun, May 13 7:39am

Hello Haynesfield parent! Happy Mother's Day! Thank you to everyone who contributed and/or volunteered with the Walk-a-thon!!  Also, the Haynesfield staff would like to say “Thank You” to parents and ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!!

Sat, May 5 12:23pm

Walk-a-thon is this Tuesday May 8th!!  This is one of two major fundraisers for our school!  The $ raised will continue to purchase ANCHOR equipment!  Please check out the following video and share wi ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!!

Sun, Apr 29 1:35pm

Hello Haynesfield Parent!!  As we wrap up another great year at Haynesfield Elementary, we have lots of great teachers to thank!!  If you would like to show your appreciation, please click on the foll ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings

Sat, Apr 21 3:08pm

Hello Haynesfield parent!! *PTA Walk-a-Thon fundraiser is underway and the packets went home in last week's folders.  - Deadline to submit money for prizes is May 8. Reminder to all those with 6th gra ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sun, Apr 15 10:03pm

Hello Haynesfield Parent!  Interested in finding out the latest from our student broadcasters?  Click on the following link: https://www.schooltube.com/video/d28db495f7f049c2a6d2/WHES%20News%2010_Apri ... [More]


Sat, Apr 7 11:09am

Hello Haynesfield parent!  Interested in the latest news from our student broadcasters?  Simply click on the following link to see their update and be up-to-date:  https://www.schooltube.com/video/f2e ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sat, Mar 31 9:15am

Hello Haynesfield parent!  Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!  Click on the following link for the latest update from our student news team: https://www.schooltube.com/video/508cbc898bb041298 ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sat, Mar 24 11:34am

 Thank you to April Nelson, our Box Tops chairman, and all of you who have been sending in those Box tops!  Mrs. Eaton's class won the last collection contest and they had their homeroom party the Fri ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings

Mon, Mar 19 11:47am

Two Haynesfield volunteers are needed to work the THS Stadium Concession stand tomorrow evening.  Please contact Lark Adams at 423-612-3583 if you can help with this fundraiser. Is you child a 6th gra ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings

Fri, Mar 9 7:31pm

Hello Haynesfield parent! A huge THANK YOU to FATZ for hosting our Spirit Day and to all who participated!!  Over $600 was raised for our school!!! Is you child a 6th grader?  Hard to believe these ki ... [More]

Today is Haynesfield Spirit Day!

Thu, Mar 8 9:00am

Today from 11:00am-10:00pm is Haynesfield PTA Spirit Day/Night at FATZ on Volunteer Pkwy. A percentage of the proceeds will go to Haynesfield if you tell your server you are with our school!!! HURRY t ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Fri, Mar 2 9:32pm

Hello Haynesfield Parent!  There are so many great things happening at Haynesfield.  Click on  this following link for the latest HES News 10 student report: https://www.schooltube.com/video/6dfe59131 ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings NEWS 10 broadcast link for Feb. 23rd, 2018

Sat, Feb 24 11:06am

Correction--here is the link to view the student broadcast for Friday Feb. 23rd, 2018!  https://www.schooltube.com/video/0f73fb47933b41d5b4ae/WHES%20News%2010%20February%2023,%202018

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sat, Feb 24 11:01am

Hello Haynesfield parent! Thank you for supporting Haynesfield! Did you know that through PTA funds, support is provided for the project based learning elective program A.N.C.H.O.R.?  Click on the fol ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sun, Feb 18 11:42am

Hello Haynesfield Parent!!  Don't miss the latest news update from our student broadcasters!  Simply click on the following link: http://www.schooltube.com/video/325f65f08ad740738ecb/WHES%20News%2010_ ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sat, Feb 10 4:04pm

Hello Haynesfield parent!  Please click on the following link for the latest update from our student reporters!  https://app.schooltube.com/video/72dbf420517f47d7b54d/WHES%20News%2010_Feb.%209,%202018 ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings

Wed, Jan 31 11:05pm

Hello Haynesfield parent! Happy Winter Break! Here is what is going on!!!! Now is the time to buy your yearbook!!!! Click the following link: http://community.pictavo.com Click on "Shop", then select ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Fri, Jan 26 11:11pm

Hello Haynesfield Parent!  Our newest ANCHOR  group of student broadcasters have been working hard to keep you up to date!  Get their latest news update by clicking the following link: https://app.sch ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sat, Jan 20 5:30pm

Hello Haynesfield Parent!   Congratulations to our 6th grade teacher Amanda Peace for being selected as the 5th through 8th  Grade Bristol TN City Schools Teacher of the Year! She will now represent o ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings

Sat, Jan 13 6:03pm

Hello Haynesfield parent! Have you considered getting more involved in PTA and don't know where to start.  Simply contact our President Lark Adams at larkp@yahoo.com.  There are various opportunities ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Tue, Jan 2 2:41pm

Happy New Year!  Was one of your New Year's Resolutions to Volunteer more?  If so, we would love for your to join us on January 8th at 3:30 pm in the cafeteria for our First PTA board meeting of 2018! ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Thu, Dec 14 9:55pm

Hello Haynesfield parent! Happy Holidays!  If you have not done so, please remember to send in $2 for your child's Subway lunch during homeroom Christmas parties tomorrow!!  Please click on the follow ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sun, Dec 10 8:22am

Hello Haynesfield parent!  Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!  As a part of the "Good Sports Always Recycle" grant written by Mrs. Kate White and Ms. Hailey Eaton, students are receiv ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sun, Dec 3 3:58pm

Hello Haynesfield parent!  Happy Holidays!  Click on the following link for an update from our student news team:  https://app.schooltube.com/video/64e51b74c12b42ca8a3a/WHES%20News%2010_December%201,% ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!!

Sun, Nov 19 1:42pm

Hello Haynesfield parent!  Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving Break starting this Wednesday-Sunday!! Click on the following link for an update from our student reporters: https://app.sch ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sun, Nov 12 1:41pm

Hello Haynesfield Parent!  Click on the following link for the latest update from our newest team of student broadcasters: https://app.schooltube.com/video/d056f5c7c4f64c37bbb8/WHES%20News%2010_Novemb ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sun, Nov 5 2:33pm

Hello Haynesfield parent!  Here is what is going: Book Fair week is coming up the week of November 13th and many volunteers are still needed!! Please sign up to help by using the following link: https ... [More]

Two Stadium Volunteers needed

Mon, Oct 30 3:20pm

The Tennessee High Stone Castle will be hosting a Varsity Football play-off game this Friday night, November 3, 2017. We need 2 volunteers to represent Haynesfield and work concessions. This is a grea ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings

Sun, Oct 29 5:08pm

Hello Haynesfield parent!  Thank you to all who donated candy, decorated trunks, or volunteered to help with our Trunk-or-Treat last Thursday!!  It was a very fun event for kids of all ages!   Tuesday ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings

Sun, Oct 22 1:40pm

Hello Haynesfield parent!  Click on the following link to view the latest update from our HES News 10 student reporters: http://www.schooltube.com/video/23b1f96e740943debff0/ Great news!!  Haynesfield ... [More]

Stadium concession fundraiser help needed

Mon, Oct 9 7:02am

Please contact Nicki Reynolds at mommeyof6@gmail.com if you are able to represent Haynesfield in one of the below time slots at THS this week! Earn a homework pass for each of your HES kids as an adde ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sun, Oct 8 1:40pm

Hello Haynesfield Parent!  Happy Fall Break!  Hope you and your family have a wonderful week!  Click on the following link for the last student news update for this nine weeks. http://www.schooltube.c ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sun, Oct 1 3:36pm

Hello Haynesfield parent!  Hard to believe this is the last week of the first nine weeks!! Here is what we have going on at Haynesfield!! October 2nd-PTA Board meeting in the cafeteria at 3:30.  All a ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings

Sun, Sep 24 11:36am

Hello Haynesfield parent!  Click on the following link for the latest broadcast from HES NEWS 10 student team: http://www.schooltube.com/video/6876317b52a04a78af74/  Although the Cash-For-Kids Fundrai ... [More]

Concession volunteer needed

Thu, Sep 21 3:03pm

Good evening. I have an opportunity for 1-2 schools to make some extra money!! I am in need of 2 volunteers to work tonight's Lady Viking Soccer games. There will be 2 games back to back. Volunteers w ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!!

Sun, Sep 17 2:30pm

Hello Haynesfield Parent!  Click on the following link for the latest news from the ANCHOR 5th/6th grade elective class, our HES NEWS 10 team: http://www.schooltube.com/video/f57d874f3b4c4395b040/   T ... [More]

PTA Board Meeting

Mon, Sep 11 5:53pm

Join us in the Cafeteria at 3:30 for our monthly Board meeting.  All members are welcome to join us!

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sun, Sep 10 6:52pm

Hello Haynesfield parent!  There are many great things going on at Haynesfield this week!  Did you know that Haynesfield has a Bible Club open to all 5th and 6th graders?  Their first meeting is tomor ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings

Sat, Sep 2 9:05am

Hello Haynesfield parent!!  Happy Labor Day weekend!  Here is what is happening this week at Haynesfield!!   Cash for Kids Fundraiser continues this week-Please continue to sell those cards and bring ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sun, Aug 27 2:24pm

Hello Haynesfield Parent!  Please remember to join PTA and sign up for a committee on Konstella!  There are many areas you can help so please check out these opportunities! Interim Reports to be sent ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sun, Aug 20 5:04pm

Hello Haynesfield Parent!  Hope you have enjoyed some family time this long weekend.  Here is what is happening this week at Haynesfield: Monday - Eclipse Day - Extended School Day through 4:10. Tuesd ... [More]

Haynesfield Happenings!

Sat, Aug 12 3:13pm

Hello Haynesfield Parent!  The year is off to a great start!  If you are getting this message, then you are already taking advantage of this great communication tool, Konstella.  Don't forget to assig ... [More]

Haynesfield Volunteer needed this Friday night at "Meet The Vikings"

Wed, Aug 9 9:01pm

One Haynesfield volunteer is needed to work the Concession stand at Tennessee High School this Friday from 5:30-7:30 pm for "Meet the Vikings!"  You will simply check in at stand 4 in the Stone Castle ... [More]

Thanks for joining Konstella!

Fri, Aug 4 6:32pm

Thank you for signing up for Konstella!!  Be sure to check out committee options and consider signing up!  Remember to get the Konstella app and sync your smart phone!  Help us spread the word and tel ... [More]