2021 International Festival - Replay + Thank You
Mon, Apr 19 8:25pm
Dear Hoover Community,
Wow, what an amazing virtual event we had! It brought so much joy seeing all of us come together. If you missed the event, here is the recording (drop down menu, select recording), including pictures, eCookbook and Country Presentation: 
I would like to express my gratitude to the wonderful individuals who took the extra time out of their schedule to make this a successful event:
Andrea Ng - Mom of Luke and Michael. eNews editor for posting the event.
Ashley Tseng - Mom of Aaron. The hours researching a special goodie - the photo memory gift and finding a vendor that customized stickers perfectly for the frame + the video demo.
Christine Yeh - Mom of Edward. Helped Ashley with packaging.
Bryna Lee - Mom of Myles. Formatted the eCookbook. 
Fatima - Right at Hoover Manager. Formatted the eCookbook.
Mabel Yiu - Mom of Daphne and Sophie. She created the beautiful flyer! 
Meilani - Mom of Rafael. Indonesia Presentation. She created the International Festival website and helped coordinate the event plus our Zoom expert that made everything go smoothly. And surprising attendees with a fun quiz!
Mrs. Howell - Our special guest for making a book list and reading to us! 
Mr. Sherman - Our special Co-Host!
Ms. Rachelle & Ms. Kathy - Distribution logistics.
Tina Chen - Mom of Allison. Behind the scenes logistics.
Tian Gu, mom of Angela Lu. China Presentation.

Rakhee Sharma, mom of Nia. India Presentation. + Nia for the beautiful dance.

Ohan Oda, dad of Sarah. Japan Presentation.

Ji Hae Yoo, mom of Annabelle Sung. Korea Presentation.

Olga Petrova, mom of Michale, Eva, Yana. Russia Presentation.

Emily Chen, mom of Ellie Lin. Taiwan Presentation.

Indrid Ou, mom of Nathan Wu. Taiwan Presentation.

Savas & Ozlem Komban, parents of Meryem. Turkey Presentation.

PTA Executive Members - Thank you for supporting this idea.
PTAC for the support.
And the Prize winners are...
1) Angela Lu (Kinder - Potter)
2) Serena Lansel (Room 5 - Chavez)
3) Kyra Chhabra (Room 29 - Buddie)
4) Joanne Kanampully (Room 28 - Callaghan)
5) Ellie Lin (Room 7 - C)
6) Nia Sharma (Room 17 - Warbington)
7) Michael & Eva Peltrova (Room 19 - Ramanathan)
8) Allison Lin (Greendell)
9) Annabelle Sung (Room 29 - Buddie) 
10) Naisha Pandey (Degeller)
I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the Hoover Community. 
Best wishes,
Mom of Misa and PJ Wu
VP of Events
 2019-2020 & 2020-2021