2022 Earth Day Activities
Thu, Mar 3 4:16pm

Dear Hoover Families,


Earth Day is April 22nd. In observance of the upcoming Earth Day, the Hoover Green Team has prepared two activities for your children.


Activity #1: Dress our school with your plants


This idea is inspired by the book “The Empty Pot”. Each student will be given a few random seeds with instructions to bring home tomorrow. They will follow the instructions to grow the seeds in pots at home. They will water the seeds, watch them germinate and care for the young plants. They will bring their pots of plants to Hoover on Earth Day (April 22nd) and the following week. The plants will be displayed throughout the school campus.


The purpose of this activity is for kids to take part in making our earth a greener and more beautiful place for all of us. They will oversee the process from seed germination to flowering and producing fruits/seeds. They will gain an understanding that it takes a long time and a lot of resources for seeds to grow and to produce. The process will help them appreciate the planting process to produce foods and understand that food wasting can hurt our planet and contribute to global warming.


Every participant will receive a recognition gift for their efforts. Those with the healthiest and strongest plants will be given a special reward.


Activity #2: Give suggestions on how to prevent food wasting


While the students are nurturing their seeds and observing the life cycle of plants, please help them search for the best solutions to prevent food wasting. You would be amazed at what information they can find and how much they will learn from their experience. Each student can enter their ideas of how to stop/prevent food wasting in the Google Sheet below. We will post the best suggestions.




Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Have fun!


Yuhong Kong


Hoover Garden Club & Green Team