2022 Invention Convention Entry Form
Wed, Jan 26 9:30am


Call for all Hoover Hedgie Inventors

How to Participate:  

Please fill out the entry form by Monday, Jan.31:  Invention Convention Entry Formhttps://forms.gle/XfyDdPbm3eMtkD337


What is an Invention Convention?  

Invention Convention is a special science fair that promotes the development of important science skills. The students have opportunities to independently solve problems, think creatively, investigate, and work with data. They can invent a new product, or process, or investigate a new hypothesis. 


All students (Kindergarten-5th grade) are invited to participate. Participation in our Invention Convention is strictly voluntary. 


The learning experience takes precedence over the competition. Class projects are also welcome. 


We are happy to bring back “Invention Convention Office Hours” hosted each week virtually via Zoom. We encourage all kids to attend IC Office Hours! We will answer questions and also discuss topics such as brainstorming, idea generation, and scientific methods to test the inventions, etc. 


There is a designated area in the library with books related to inventors and inventions for the children to  read and check out. Brainstorming should be started right away to allow enough time for research, design, some trial and error, redesign, testing, completing the invention, and display.  

Inventions are to be done at home, and students will provide their own materials.  


Invention Convention Project Guidelines 

∞ Choose an objective, purpose, or problem to solve for your invention. 

∞ Prepare a list of materials needed to complete your invention.  

∞ Display how you came up with your idea and show drawings, photos, and/or display the product or process you invented. 


Invention Convention Rules for Entries 

∞ Some projects may be limited due to safety factors: ABSOLUTELY NO MATCHES, CANDLES,   BURNERS, OR OPEN FLAMES, NO FOOD, DRINK, OR GUM SAMPLES.  

∞ Projects with live animals are permitted, but please chart your findings, DO NOT BRING THE   ANIMALS INTO THE SCHOOL.  

∞ NO GLASS CONTAINERS ARE PERMITTED! Projects with liquids should be contained in a  PLASTIC CONTAINER.  

Please fill out the entry form survey by Monday, Jan 31st. 

∞All participants will receive planning packets. Complimentary display boards can be picked up at the end of Feb. 

Important suggestion: Save and check off milestone dates below to stay on track. 

We would like to have a very successful Invention Convention this year for all of our budding scientists!  

Thank you for your participation and support

Hoover PTA


Get started right away! 

Begin BRAINSTORMING now and keep your eye on the COUNTDOWN 

Monday, Jan. 24 Week 1    Entry Form Survey distributed

Monday, Jan.31 Week 2    Entry Form Survey submitted 

Friday, Feb.4 Week 3    Brainstorm learning materials distributed

Friday, Feb.4 Week 3    Scientist Virtual Office Hours I (time/zoom TBD)

Friday, Feb. 11 Week 4   Scientist Virtual Office Hours II (time/zoom TBD)

Friday, Feb. 25 Week 5   Scientist Virtual Office Hours III (time/zoom TBD)

Monday-Friday, Feb. 28-Mar.4, Week6,  Display Board Pick-Up

Friday, Mar.4 Week 6   Scientist Virtual Office Hours IV (time/zoom TBD)

Friday, Mar.11 Week 7   Scientist Virtual Office Hours V (time/zoom TBD)

Monday, Mar.21 Week 9    Submit your invention

Monday-Friday, Mar.28-April.1, Week 10 Virtual Show & Tell (time/zoom TBD)

 How to Get Started…. 

 Do Some Brainstorming 

Think about school, work and play and ask yourself: 

√ What is my biggest problem?  

√ What task could I make easier? 

√ What object do I use that could work better? 

√ What is my favorite thing to do, and what would make it even   more fun and interesting?


Look at things around you and ask yourself: 

√ What would make it work better? 

√ What would make it easier to use? 

√ What could I add to it to make it work better? 

√ What could I take away from it to make it work better? 

√ What new uses could I invent for something I have? 

Remember, when thinking about inventions, they can be either an object (product) or a new way  of doing something (process).