3rd PTA General Association Meeting and more...
Mon, Dec 2 12:22pm

Dear PTA Members!

We hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a good break!

This is a reminder that we will have our 3rd PTA General Association meeting tomorrow morning at 8.05 am in the MPRoom .

Apart from the usual treasurer's report and past event updates, we will be appointing an Audit Committee, approving the audit report and calendar changes and getting updated on upcoming events.

Below is the agenda:

Herbert Hoover Elementary PTA General Association Meeting - December 3, 2019
Location: Hoover MPRoom Time: 8.05 am - 8.45 am  
 8.05 - 8.10 am
Approval of last minutes Sunny / Grace Action
 8.10 - 8.45 am
Treasurer's report - release of funds, checks for ratification Amber/ Meilani Action
Audit Report Audit Committee - appointment Rafaela R/ Indira S Informational/ Action
Calendar updates:
Indira S
Informational/ Action
1.Open House 2.BikeMobile event 3.Parent Ed night      4.Movie night
Event Updates: past and upcoming
Sabrina H/ Lisa W / Tina C / Shivani J / Heather D / Indira S / Jaewoo J
1. Field Day 2. Lego, Games Night 3. Food Drive 4. Ice skating party 5. PACT 6. ABC Spirit & Inclusion Week 7. BikeMobile event
Open Forum    


We request all our PTA members and Hoover parents to join us for this meeting. 

We also wish to remind parents that the Food Drive is still on and we are almost at the half-way mark. Yay! The lower elementary grades showed good participation. The tally so far:

Kinders in the lead with 2 bin donations, followed by the 2nd graders with 1.5 bin donations and the 1st graders having filled donations of 1 bin.

This is the week of the 3rd grade, followed by the 4th grade next week and ending with the 5th grade. We hope that the Upper Elementary grades will participate with great enthusiasm and fervor.

Though we have allocated grade-wise weeks for donations to help encourage children to participate, please note that parents who have donated once and want to do so again, are most welcome to drop their donations until the end of the food drive - on Dec 20th.  


Warm regards,

Indira Selvakumaraswamy