4/22 Earth Day: Dress Hoover with your plants
Wed, Apr 13 3:14pm
Dear Hoover families,
Hope you all had a wonderful spring break!
It is time to remind everyone about the upcoming plant show on Earth Day, April 22. 
How was the journey of your seeds? Did they sprout? Did they grow well? If they did, congratulations, your children should be proud! Please ask them bring their plants to Hoover on Earth Day for the show.
If you tell me that your seeds got eaten by the birds or your seedlings were attacked by the slugs or snails, you are not alone.  I planted a lot of seeds. Many of them fell victims to birds, slugs, or snails. Some of my young seedlings even got burned by the sun. Don't lose hope if that is your story. Ask your children to stop by Garden Club this Friday at lunch time to pick up a young plant to bring back home and nurture it for a week. A young plant can grow an inch or two with good care in one week. They can then bring it back to Hoover for the plant show on Earth Day.
We want every student to have fun with this live experience!
Yuhong Kong
Hoover Gardening Club & Green Team