4/27 Grown Ups Day Lunchtime Activities: Volunteers Needed
Wed, Apr 27 11:30am-1:00pm
Herbert Hoover Elementary

In honor of Grown Ups Day on April 27th (thanks to Mrs. Howell and Mrs. Deggeller for Spirit Days), Hoover PTA would like to invite parents to share a grown-up activity with students on Wednesday, April 27th, 11:30am - 1pm.

Please sign up and indicate in the Note field which activity you would like to share and anything you need (e.g., a table) or will be bringing.

  • Please feel free to get creative, keep it simple, and ensure it’s safe and appropriate
  • Some ideas include teach students how to:
    • Play chess, checkers, a card game, dominos, cornhole, or jenga (PTA has games to borrow)
    • Build something with Legos (PTA has Legos to borrow)
    • Shoot a basketball, hit a tennis ball, putt a golf ball, shoot a hockey puck, or ride a hobby horse (Bryna has toy versions for golf, hockey, and hobby horse appropriate for kindergarten to borrow)
    • Time a necktie, fold clothes, sort laundry, match socks, sort recycling, or sweep (make it into a game), (Bryna has ties to borrow)
    • Do something related to your career (e.g., presentation, demonstration, game, craft)
  • Please feel free to check with the school or me on equipment that may be available to borrow and questions on what’s okay (sorry, no food)
  • Set up, if any, starts at 11:30am and students start arriving ~11:50am for Kindergarten and ~12pm for 1st-5th grades

Please remind your student(s) to dress up as a grown-up or in your future career, and join a lunch activity being organized by our fabulous parent volunteers.

So sorry for the last-minute request! (Still recovering from International Festival.)

Thank you!

Bryna Lee

VP Events, Hoover PTA



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Wed, Apr 27 11:30am-1:00pm
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Lunchtime Activity Signed Up: 3 / 5

Wed, Apr 27 11:30am-1:00pm
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