4/29 - International Festival, April 29th 2-4pm
Thu, Apr 27 7:56pm

Dear Hoover Community,


We are excited to finally be able to welcome Hoover families on campus again for our International Festival.


Please join us for an afternoon of cultural stations and performances this Saturday, April 29th, 2-4pm. See the list of Cultural tables on map


Please help us ensure a fun and safe event so that we can continue this lovely tradition:


Please Note

- Accompany and keep an eye on your children (this is not a drop off event)

- Be respectful to volunteers and attendees



- Limited parking on campus so plan accordingly 



- We are unable to accommodate allergies so please use your discretion


Clean Up

- Place trash in trash cans

- Stay to help clean up so that the campus is welcoming to students on Monday


Hope to see you all there.


Thank you.

Bryna Lee & Mona Soetanto
Hoover PTA VP Events