A Story About Omicron and Detailed Instructions on How to Register for Testing
Sat, Jan 8 7:51pm

Omicron is here


I have a very personal story to share with you and I hope it will alleviate some anxiety.  Over Christmas break, my daughter contracted COVID.  She lives in Washington DC and attends Georgetown University.  She contracted coronavirus during her final exams, and she was all alone.  As parents so far away, we were completely helpless!


It started on December 11th, she felt a sore throat.  She is an extremely responsible and conscientious kid.  So, she immediately went and got tested.  Her test came back positive. She quickly informed all her friends, and anyone she had been in contact with at university, and asked them to get tested, luckily none of them got the virus. December 13 and 14th- the first two days were bad. She had a fever, body aches and extreme fatigue. She slept the entire time. Studied for finals when she could. Luckily, she lives alone in her own apartment off campus.  She ordered supplies via Amazon and Instacart.  Theraflu, Tylenol, vitamin C, herbal teas, soups, chicken broth, juice – lots of fluids.  Washington DC contact tracing called her every day to ensure she did not leave her apartment. She was fully vaccinated and had a booster shot. Following the first two days in bed, the next 8 days she was still fatigued. She wrote her finals and submitted her assignments virtually.  She did not make it home for Christmas and missed our family ski vacation in Idaho.  She finally came home for the break on December 27th and we celebrated Christmas on December 30th. The first few days upon her return, we tested ourselves every other day to make sure none of us got the virus just to be sure. Our tests were negative.


The reason why I am sharing this is, some of us are going to get this. From my family’s experience, my daughter had flu-like symptoms, and after a 10-day quarantine, you are no longer contagious.  CDC has since, revised the quarantine to 5 days.


Unfortunately, cases are on the rise - testing, masking and quarantining are the most important part of the process. So, if you are anxious about Omicron, stock up on supplies that you would use during the flu season.  And get your kids tested regularly so you can quarantine and focus on recovery as soon as you get the virus.


Below are Santa Clara County’s most recent stats:



 We are in this together!  


Lastly, our wonderful Ashley YingChin Tseng has put together step by step instructions on how to Register for Testing on https://school.covidclinic.org.  Please find detailed guide attached.


If you need any help, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Lisa Ma Wu.



Ira Pamnani