A great matching opportunity for your PiE donation by TOMORROW!
Sun, Nov 14 7:50pm

Dear Hoover parents, 


Thank you very much for many families supporting PiE (Palo Alto Partners in Education) this year! 


If you give between now and November 15, your donation may be DOUBLED through a $275,000 Challenge Grant, made possible by a generous group of PiE supporters. 


While the suggested amount is $1200/year, we encourage you to contribute any amount that is comfortable for you, no matter how big or how small, as every dollar counts and the Challenge Grant offers a chance to double your contribution.


We had a nice PiE Hoover Thank You Party open to all Hoover families last Friday at Mitchell Park. Thank you for families who stopped by and participated in giving thanks to our wonderful teachers by making cards. It brought joys to our hearts to read through the genuine thank you cards made by these little children. Except cards for principal Sherman, Mrs. Howell and our outstanding room teachers and PE teachers, our kids also appreciate the PiE funded Art, Music and Classroom support teachers who help them enjoy art, music and give them extra care and support at school. Thanks the PiE generous donors who support these teachers to help our children at Hoover! 


To make a donation online, click here: (PiE can also take monthly installments)


If you would rather make a pledge now and pay by February, you can do so here:


Thank you for your continued support and making a difference for our kids! 


Hoover PiE reps Lexing, Susie, Qian Niu, Yingpo and Ashley