A message from PAUSD
Mon, Sep 28 9:05pm

Good evening PAUSD Elementary families:


I understand that this is not a typical time to send out a message. Things are evolving quickly, and we are sensitive about the sequencing of information. We appreciate your understanding and plan to propose the revisions below to our Board of Education tomorrow at 6:00 p.m.


Conversations between PAUSD and PAEA are evolving and we wanted to share a development regarding the elementary hybrid schedule. We’ve made progress in our plans for the “at home” days for Hybrid Program students. We had been calling them “asynchronous” days – but since there is now meaningful live instruction, it is more appropriate to call them “at home.”


We are preparing more complete versions of the overall hybrid schedules to reflect these updates. But given the interest in this topic this week, we want to explain the major concepts to you this evening, so you can include it in your thinking.


The major benefits of the changes include:

For Students:

  1. Every Grade 1-5 classroom will begin with a live class Zoom morning meeting, including both the at-home and in-person cohorts of the class.
  2. Specials (PE, Music, Library) will be taught live on Zoom to students on “at home” days. (Note that Art was already planned to be done asynchronously).
  3. Students will have 2-3 live lessons per day on two of the days at home
  4. Students at home will have lunch time later in the day than under the current schedule.
  5. “Special” teachers will only teach in person for kindergarten, to reduce risk of cross cohort exposure

For Teachers (in addition to the above):

  1. Teacher prep time is increased by 10 minutes a week
  2. All teachers a common prep time at the end of the day for collaboration


Don Austin
Superintendent of Schools
Reopening Info: https://www.pausd.org/covid-19/return-to-learn-fall-2020