Administration, Staff and Teacher Appreciations
Thu, Nov 19 11:30am

Dear Hoover families, 


I hope this email finds you well. 


An amazing Hoover parent created Google slides as shared places for parents and students to write something for Mr. Sherman, Ms. Howell, and Rachelle and Kathy in the front office. This is a great way for the whole Hoover community to express our appreciation for our Principle, Liberian, and staff.  Please feel free to add a slide for you and for your kids, and write something if you like. 


Please complete your slides by Wednesday, Nov.25th.  We plan to send these slides to Mr. Sherman, Ms. Howell and Rachelle, and Kathy on Thanksgiving. 


Please free free to write a card or send an email to your room teachers to express your appreciation too. It meant a lot to our teachers. 


Below are the links and instructions. 


Here is the link for sending messages to our wonderful Principal Sherman. 

Here is the link for sending messages to Rachelle and Kathy.

Here is the link for sending messages to Mrs.Howell 


  • Families are welcome to copy the message page or insert their preferable backgrounds.
  • I am not an expert at editing the ppt. If there are parents who are good at it, welcome to re-edit the front page to make it look nicer.
  • Please make sure to have grown up supervise if the kids would like to type in by themselves. We hope all the messages collected from families will not be deleted by accident. Thank you!
  • Please don't hesitate to let me know if anything else I could do for you. I hope the messages warm up our diligent and caring staffs hearts on the day of Thanksgiving.