Card for Mr. Sherman + Food Code
Fri, May 19 8:50pm

Good Evening Hoover families,

Thank you for attending the Family Social and our amazing volunteers to make this event happen! It was SO much fun to reunite and spend time together to reflect on how many great memories we have of Hoover while having delicious bites!

Many of you asked about the food vendor. It is from Foodie Earth. We were able to get code HOOVER10 (expires Sun 5/21 at 11:59pm) on your first/next order.  Enjoy! : D

Thank you for stopping by the Stationary Table to make a card for Mr. Sherman. We will pass it along to Mrs. McManus. If you’d like to add a card to the basket, please drop it off to Ms. Molly at the front desk or Mrs. McManus in room 13 by Wednesday, May 24. There will be an envelope for cards on the door of room 13 that you can access before and after school. The Teachers are assembling a goodbye gift basket for Mr. Sherman. Mrs. McManus will add the cards to an arrangement along with a gift card, cards from students, and a hedgehog art project students completed during spectra art. If you have any questions, you can contact Mrs. McManus at