Earth and Spring Walk and Roll Week
Fri, Apr 14 10:21am


April 17th-21st 


Help Our Earth!

Parents and kids come join clean up the school garden

on Monday 4/17 during lunch time.


Enjoy The Nature.

Ms. Cathy reads in the garden on Wednesday 4/19 at lunch time.


Walk and Roll to School! 

Come and participate Spring Walk and Roll week,

by walking, scooting, biking, parking at neighborhood areas or

carpooling with neighbors/friends instead of solo driving to school.

It is not only FUN, but it is greener for the environment and

decreases school traffic.


More information about Hoover’s Walk & Roll map

can be found here that outlines the best routes and

shows estimated walking and biking times for different distances.


We'll be handing our a small prize to those of you that participated.


Lastly, don't forget to THANK

our crossing guards, staffs and volunteers in

keeping our kids safe every day.