Friday 10/22 Town Hall Link, Summary of School Board Recommendation
Wed, Oct 20 10:37am
Dear Hoover Community,
Thank you for all of your efforts in coming together! Option 4 design looks beautiful but the reality is that there is low enrollment in the district and state wide. Enrollment at Hoover is strong this year but when/if we move to Cubberly, it is uncertain if this can be completed in two years. With the rising construction costs and supply shortages, enrollment may be impacted. Our existence as part of a choice program depends solely on enrollment. 
This is your opportunity to ask about logistics and planning, in order to ascertain the likelihood of delays, running out of money, and other issues that can still jeopardize Hoover’s enrollment down the road. Here is the link to the form to ask your questions.
What: Town Hall with School Board Members 
When: Friday October 22nd @ 8:30am
Who: Ms. Jennifer DiBrienza and Mr. Shounak Dharap with an invite to Superintendent Don Austin and Eric Holm (Head of Facilities)
To summarize some key points for those that might have missed it (NOTE - NOTHING WAS APPROVED - THE BOARD RECOMMENDED THE FOLLOWING):
  1. There were three options (excluding Option 1 cancel, the board struck out as not an option to be considered) - the board is recommending Option 4
    • Option 4 is a complete rebuild and looks like a reconfiguration.
      • Some of the rough mockups have two-story buildings opening up toward the JLS field and improving the dropoff areas.
      • See screenshot attached of 5 potential campus layouts.
    • This build would be approx $73M vs. the fix-up Option 2 of $57M.
  • Palo Verde is to be fixed first.
    1. Initial thoughts would be the students relocating to Cubberley (4-5 graders) and Greendell (K-3) (these facilities would need improvements to house the students for the FY22-23 Year and Hoover after that)
    2. The construction there would start next Jun 2022 and last a year.
    • Moving the students off-campus reduces time to build from 2 years to 1 year.
  • Hoover then would move to Cubberly/Greendell for the FY23-24 and FY24-35 school years.
  1. Moving the students off-campus reduces time to build from 3.5 years to 2 years.