General PTA Meeting - the last one in this school year - Tuesday May 7th 8 AM in person Room P11
Tue, May 7 6:43am

Hello Hoover community,


Please join us upcoming Tuesday May 7 at 8 AM for our last general PTA meeting.

We will need to approve reimbursements for the International Fair and teacher's reimbursements.


Several people on our team will not be able to attend, so if you have PTA membership and at least 15-20 minutes after 8 AM when we usually approve financials, please come, so we meet quorum and have checks approved for our teachers and International Fair cultures.


We have 2 more PTA organized events this school year - Family Social on May 17th and Carnival May 29th. Please come to find out more about logistics and volunteer opportunities.

Please note that the Carnival is going to be during school hours. If you want to see it, you have to volunteer in it, which is always fun and memorable experience. 


Thank you,


Olga Petrova

Hoover Executive Vice President