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Thu, Apr 29 12:27pm

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Please see below for this week's enews. One specific announcement (notated by *NEW*). Everything else is a repeat of upcoming events related to Bike safety events in the Community or CDC links or Santa Clara department of health links for resources on COVID.


Health & Wellness eNews

Where to go for Free COVID Vaccines

Where to go for Free COVID-19 Testing

California State PTA COVID-19 Resources

Family Resources here: Health Wellness Resources

Teen Mental Health Resources

Children's Mental Health Resources

*NEW* COVID-19 Vaccines:

Every Californian 16 years old and up is now eligible for vaccination. Please get vaccinated – it’s safe, effective, and FREE. Vaccination of people younger than 16 will start as soon as the COVID-19 vaccines are approved for them.


COVID Information for Spanish Speakers

Please click on the following links for Free COVID vaccines CLICK HERE

Facts About COVID-19 Vaccine

Qué esperar después de la aplicación de la vacuna

contra el COVID-19

Seguridad de las vacunas contra el COVID-19

Mitos y datos acerca de las vacunas contra el COVID-19

Preguntas frecuentes sobre la vacunación contra el COVID-19

Spanish language forum: “COVID-19 Vaccine: My Wellness, My Community!”

Learn more about important vaccine topics. Pre-recorded in Spanis


Bike to Wherever Day "NEW"

Fri May 21, 2021

Bike Everywhere Day. Join Us for Bike Month and Bike to Wherever Day! Have fun and win prizes!  Sign Up Here.


Silicon Valley Biking Class

Tues April 27, 2021 6-7P

For the month of April, we are discussing Family Biking! Come learn how to bike safely with kids of any age. We’ll cover gear and equipment options to help you have safe and enjoyable riding 

City of Palo Alto Safe Routes to School

Current 3rd families, please consider registering for a one-hour Third Grade Socially Distanced Bike Rodeo Summer Series event. 

Rising 6th grade middle School families should consider signing up for Wheelkids Middle School Bike Skills Classes. 


Please see Palo Alto's Walk and Roll Suggested Route Maps for walking or biking to school safe routes. When driving, please share the road, providing 3 feet of passing distance to bicyclists. Park away from the school to avoid drop-off/pickup congestion and get a healthy walk in. 

For more educational resources, please click:  Safe Routes to School website.

CHC: Framing Re-Entry for Our Youth: Supporting Our Kids’ Transition Back to ‘Normal’

April 22, 2021 Recorded Podcast
As more and more people are vaccinated and COVID restrictions ease, the time has come for us to figure out how to re-enter the world. While many have been longing to get back to ‘normal,’ others are not so sure they’re ready. According to a report from the American Psychological Association (APA), about half of Americans are feeling anxious about re-entry after sheltering in place for so long. In this podcast episode, we sat down with licensed clinical psychologist and CHC’s Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Ramsey Khasho, to talk about how to ease our way back into the world and support our kids in that process.
CLICK HERE to listen to podcast


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