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Thu, May 13 9:35am
Health & Wellness eNews
**NEW** Health & Wellness Webinar
What Children and Youth Need to Heal and Thrive in a Post-Pandemic World
Wednesday May 19, 2021 6P Zoom
The pandemic has impacted everyone in our community, especially our youth and children. Do you see signs of 'pandemic-stress' or trauma in your student? Perhaps your youth is lethargic or exhausted or unmotivated? In this presentation, Professor Rebecca London will discuss the ways that pandemic life has affected the typical development of school-aged children and youth. She will describe how adverse experiences, like living through a pandemic, can affect young people and the ways that parents, schools, and communities can aid the healing process. Take home ideas to initiate over summer vacation. Join us live on Wednesday at 6pm for a chance to win a free copy of Dr. London's book related to this subject (8 books will be raffled off at the end of the Webinar). 

Dr. Rebecca A. London is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her research focuses on the ways that communities, educational institutions, and community organizations support young people to be healthy and successful. She has conducted research in multiple fields, including K–12 and postsecondary education, cross-sector approaches to “whole student” development, health and wellness, afterschool programs, and social welfare programs. London is most recently author of Rethinking Recess: Creating Safe and Healthy Playtime for All Children in School (Harvard Education Press, 2019). 




Where to go for Free COVID Vaccines

Where to go for Free COVID-19 Testing

**NEW** Free COVID-19 Testing in PALO ALTO CITY

California State PTA COVID-19 Resources

Family Resources here: Health Wellness Resources

Teen Mental Health Resources

Children's Mental Health Resources

City of Palo Alto Safe Routes to School

Current 3rd families, please consider registering for a one-hour Third Grade Socially Distanced Bike Rodeo Summer Series event. 

Rising 6th grade middle School families should consider signing up for Wheelkids Middle School Bike Skills Classes. 


Please see Palo Alto's Walk and Roll Suggested Route Maps for walking or biking to school safe routes. When driving, please share the road, providing 3 feet of passing distance to bicyclists. Park away from the school to avoid drop-off/pickup congestion and get a healthy walk in. 

For more educational resources, please click:  Safe Routes to School website.

Crossing Guard Budget Cuts

Monday May 17, 2021 5P (City of Palo Alto City Council Meeting Zoom)

A note from the Safe Routes to School Committee on the current City budget process.  One of the expenditures which is being considered for cuts is the Crossing Guard service being provided by the police department.  Currently budgeted for 30 crossing guards, this would be slashed to 15 crossing guards for the next school year, leaving only the busiest intersections with assistance.  This would hit the elementary schools the most as the smaller streets would be left to student or parent navigation.  This will discourage walking and biking for the younger students and add more car traffic at the wrong times of the day.  Please let the City Council know that the safety of our students should be primary in the budget, and the small savings of about $300k do not justify the sacrifice in safety.  Direct an email to Any concerns should also be voiced at the upcoming Palo Alto City Council meeting on Monday, May 17, 2021 at 5:00 PM: CLICK HERE TO JOIN  Meeting ID: 362 027 238 Phone:1(669)900-6833

**NEW** COVID Vaccines for 12 years old & up are now available - sign up NOW!!
Great news! PAUSD will be having COVID Vaccination appointments for our students 12 years old and older needing a 1st dose. All the clinics will be located at the Perry Family Center at Palo Alto High School (map attached). We will have 1st dose clinics on May 16th and May 23rd. 2nd dose appointments will be 3 weeks later.
Those eligible and interested may sign up through the links below:
Safeway is still updating their system to reflect the younger age approval of 12. To make an appointment for a 12-15 year old, please change the birth year to 2005 in order to make an appointment. Safeway will update the birth date at the vaccination appointment. All people getting vaccinated will need to show proof of being 12 or older.
Anyone registered to receive their COVID vaccine will need to bring the following items to the COVID Vaccination Clinic:
Proof of Birthdate: Driver’s License/ID Card/Passport/Birth Certificate
Insurance Card
Completed Informed Consent Form (attached)
A parent or guardian present, unless over 18
If you need to cancel or change your appointment, you will need to do so directly with Safeway. You’ll be able to contact them through your confirmation email.

Estimada comunidad de PAUSD,

¡Una gran noticia! Tendremos citas de vacunación COVID para nuestros estudiantes de 12 años en adelante que necesiten una primera dosis. Esta clínica estará ubicada en el Perry Family Center en Palo Alto High School (mapa adjunto). Tendremos clínicas de 1ra dosis el 16 y 23 de Mayo. Las citas para la segunda dosis serán 3 semanas después.

Los elegibles e interesadospueden registrarse a través de los enlaces a continuación:

For consent forms and map of PALY click the following link:

Safeway todavía está actualizando su sistema para reflejar la aprobación de edad de los niños más joven de 12 años. Para hacer una cita para un niño de 12 a 15 años, es necesario cambiar el año de nacimiento a 2005 para poder hacer una cita. Safeway actualizará la fecha de nacimiento el día de la cita. Todas las personas que se vacunen deberán mostrar un comprobante de tener 12 años o más.

Cualquier persona registrada para recibir su vacuna COVID deberá traer los siguientes artículos a la Clínica de Vacunación COVID:
Prueba de fecha de nacimiento: Licencia de conducir / Tarjeta de identificación / Pasaporte / Acta de nacimiento
Tarjeta de seguro
Formulario de consentimiento informado completo (adjunto)
Un padre o tutor presente, a menos que sea mayor de 18 años.
Si necesita cancelar o cambiar una cita, debe hacerlo directamente a través de Safeway. Puede contactarlos a través del correo electrónico de confirmación.

Servicios de salud de PAUSD

亲爱的PAUSD 家庭,您们好!

在此告知您⼀个好消息!我们将为本学区需要第⼀剂COVID 疫苗的12 岁及以上的学⽣
开放接种预约,疫苗接种地点位于 Palo Alto ⾼中的Perry Family Center (附地图)。第⼀剂接种⽇期是5 ⽉16 ⽇及5 ⽉23 ⽇,第⼆剂约诊为3 周后。


For consent forms and map of PALY click the following link:


注册接种COVID 疫苗的⼈需携带以下物品到COVID 疫苗接种诊所:
填写完成的知�ƒ �同意书 (⻅附件)
除非年满18 岁,否则需有家⻓或监护⼈随同
如果您需要取消或更改预约接种⽇期,必须直接和Safeway 联系。您可以经由注册后收

PAUSD 健康服务部⻔ 敬启

 messages/attachments/4a74a9cfeed884a94575a94ee0203fe9/COVID_Vaccine_Informed_Consent_%28FINAL%29_Chinese_%28Simplifie d%29.pdf (221.6 KB)
 messages/attachments/c6c368e794fb0730d185edae6effe6c3/COVID_Vaccine_Informed_Consent_%28Fillable%29_%281%29.pdf (175.7 KB)
 messages/attachments/bde4528ad3ca0a5978b1f0f53a5c471c/COVID_Vaccine_Informed_Consent_%28FINAL%29_Spanish.pdf (156.0 KB)
 messages/attachments/bfbabd3433926e47a125ff5f2696c072/Notice_of_Privacy_Practices.pdf (222.6 KB)
 messages/attachments/eb75764140c2ba7b96950412f21ca6ba/v-safe-information-sheet_709444_7.pdf (298.4 KB)
 messages/attachments/078bebb9c59c7eb7ab8693cde7f59cfa/PeeryFamilyCenter_Paly_%281%29.pdf (4.8 MB)