Honoring Ms Rachelle
Sat, Jan 8 12:27pm

(posting for Mrs. McManus:)

Hi Parents,

You probably saw Mr. Sherman’s message on ParentSquare announcing that Ms.Rachelle has accepted a position at Briones. She’ll actually be working with our former principal, Ms. Bimpson. We’re so happy for her but we’re also really going to miss her!


This Wednesday, the teachers and staff will be presenting Ms. Rachelle with a goodbye gift. As part of the gift, we’d like to include cards from parents and students. Ms. Rachelle helps students and parents with needs big and small every day. If you or your children could send her a kind note, it would be greatly appreciated! I’ll put a box for cards outside on the bench under the tree at drop off and pick up times. You can also have your child bring the card to school and give it to his/her teacher on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. If you have any questions, you can email me at ccoburn@pausd.org. Thanks for your support!


Colleen McManus

4th grade teacher