Hoover 1PA - call for volunteers, instructions in link
Thu, Jan 27 10:35am
Dear Parents,
To quote from our PTA President, schools are the heartbeat of Palo Alto. And that would make the students, parents, teachers and staff the blood of the City. Dr. Austin has issued a call to action, "One Palo Alto" (1PA), urging parents to step up during this challenging time of shortage and exhaustion. While we are gratified to see some sign-up's so far, we anticipate needing all hands on deck to cover the following tasks at various times on each school day.
Will you join the 1PA effort?
Hoover have already mobilized parent volunteers for yard supervision, traffic coordination, and office work, we are temporarily merging Konstella sign-up's with the current volunteer list for better coordination.
All volunteers must show proof of vaccination by uploading it to the district. If you have already done this, you do not need to do this again. The use of a good mask is highly recommended. The tasks are performed either outdoors or in rooms with ventilation and air-filtration. Volunteers are welcome to be tested themselves weekly at the campus clinic. 
Volunteer Sign-Up
Please use the tabs in this worksheet: Hoover 1PA
Kindly confirm with your Volunteer Lead ahead of time, and arrive 5 minutes early to allow check-in and hand-off.
Clinic Runners
Ideally, 4 volunteers every Thursday to assist with Covid Clinic campus testing at Hoover: sanitize during set-up, fetch students from classrooms, relay registration list to front office, supervise safe distancing, and encourage students with stickers.
Afterschool Wipe Down
3 volunteers to spray and wipe down surfaces, chairs and doorknobs in 18 classrooms plus the library, after dismissal.
Office Work
Volunteers to make copies and assist with administrative work when delegated.
Yard Supervision
Supervise students on the playground during lunch/recess.
Classroom Support
Potential substitute teachers. Training/certification tools available.
Thank you for your service,
Executive Vice President, PTA