Hoover COVID CLINIC update & sign up instructions
Mon, Jan 24 6:41am


Thank you all for your diligence and transparency to keep our community safe! 


COVID CLINIC visits Hoover every Thur 8:30am-3pm and is prevention testing service and open to all students/staff/volunteers. As principal Sherman shared, on site testing is voluntary and it's free, safe and right at school.  2 COVID CLINIC staffs, front desk Ms. Kathy and 5 volunteer parents worked togehter to serve incresing numbers of students. Our volunteer parents are caring and supporting students to receive on site testing service safely, efficiently and happily. We have the capacity to serve more students


We forward parents’ feedback to PAUSD health service coordinator Ms. Dowell and she is working to amend the website to make the instructions clearer.. At this moment, we hope below information help both returning tester and 1st time tester sign up easily and succesfully. 


Following is supportive information from volunteer parents to help parents. 


ALL Parents who would like their students to use this service, Please remember to fill form attached to "Sign up for COVID-19 Testing at Hoover" sent by  Ms. Kathy through parent square  every week by Thur 8am. 


For students who are returning testers

Parents don't need to place a new order every week for now. You still need to fill school form weely, When asked for order#, you can fill in with previous saved order# under your child.  (You can also find order# in your child’s Covid Clinic result.)


For students who are first time signing up for the service, 

Here is the checklist for your reference to prepare, 3 things need to be done for first time, 

1) Register on Covid clinic  (one time only)

Register on https://school.covidclinic.org as a parent and add your child as a dependent in PAUSD. 


2) Place 1st time order" for your dependent" in your COVID CLINIC account   (one time only)

Please read "How to Sign up my child with Hoover COVID CLINIC" especially step7 to make sure you place the 1st time order correctly under your child.


3) Fill parents square form with the order#. (weekly) 


For volunteer parents, please refer to Hoover volunteers sign up Covid Clinic testing We focus on serving students in the morning and encourage volunteer parents to use this service after 1pm. 


Common Q&A 

Volunteer with us We welcome parents to  serve with us. (PAUSD requiares vaccinations, Covid clinic  volunteer team add on with  in a week test negative result)  Sign up is avaliable on Konstella. 


Thank you all for your patience with us when we are all learning how to serve. Please don't hesitate to reach us if there are things we could help. 



Hoover PTA 1PA COVID CLINIC volunteer team

Rajat Bhattacharjee, Cathy Lee, Sunny Liu, Yi Zou and Ashley