Hoover Fall Walk and Roll
Fri, Sep 30 4:45pm

It’s FALL Walk and Roll Week next week

 October 3rd-7th!




Come and participate in the Walk and Roll week, by walking, scooting, biking, parking at neighborhood areas or carpooling with neighbors/friends instead of solo driving to school. It is not only FUN, but it is greener for the environment and decreases school traffic.


We will have some events throughout the week: 

1. We will be handing a reflective stickers for kids who participate on one surprise morning next week :)

2.  Hoover Walk and Roll parade on Friday Oct 7th at 7:40am under the “El Palo Nuevo” tree in Mitchell Park; come and join us. Walk, bike, skate, scoot to school together (parent must accompany the kids). We would start rolling to school at 7:45am sharp to be at school on time. Wear your Happy Hedgies!

3. If your kids would like to be featured participating Walk and Roll to school on eNews and school board, please send a picture to mona_soetanto@hotmail.com by Friday 10/7 at 5pm.

More information about Hoover’s Walk & Roll map can be found here that outlines the best routes and shows estimated walking and biking times for different distances.


Lastly, don't forget to say THANK YOU to crossing guards, staffs and volunteers that keeps our kids safe every day.