Hoover's Reflections Art Program
Sun, Dec 19 12:46pm
The PTA Reflections Committee is proud to launch the Program at Hoover. This year’s theme, “I Will Change the World By...,” calls for your own unique interpretation through the arts. 

Students can submit their completed works of art in one or all of the available categories: 
  1. Dance Choreography, 
  2. Film Production, 
  3. Literature, 
  4. Music Composition, 
  5. Photography, 
  6. Visual Arts
Please fill out and submit the submission form (attached) to Saima or Oliver by December 17, 2021. We welcome any questions you may have.

Saima Sherazi
Program Chair
Email: saima.sherazi@gmail.com
Phone: (917) 312-7842

Oliver (Yonggang Liu)
Program Lead
Email: myidpt@gmail.com
Phone: (352) 328-5772
For inspiration, visit the Reflections virtual art gallery and learn more about prizes and scholarships at PTA.org/Reflections/Awards