Mon, Feb 8 12:21pm

Cubberley is part of the history of Palo Alto and many of us have enjoyed using these facilities including our youngest students at Greendell - PreSchool Family and several other pre-schools on campus. Cubberley also houses our district post-secondary classes for students in special education, family sports and arts activities, and social activities and classes for seniors in our community to enjoy.


Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is aggressively seeking to acquire permanent easements spanning about half an acre at Cubberley. Without any meaningful discussions with PAUSD or the City of Palo Alto (the entities that own Cubberley), PG&E has unilaterally determined that Cubberley is the only suitable space to conduct testing of its natural gas pipeline running under Middlefield Road. This pipeline in fact runs for 23 miles from Milpitas to Crystal Springs.


Please help us, by signing this petition, to show PG&E that Cubberley is too valuable to this community and that they should look elsewhere along their 23-mile pipeline!


Petition:  SAVE CUBBERLY. Sign the Petition




Thank you.

Ira & Sunny