Ice Cream Tradition
Tue, Oct 6 4:24pm

Dear Parents,

As we enter new transitions, I am pleased to share we are still able to continue the Hoover Ice Cream tradition but with modifications. 
Each Hoover student will receive one paper coupon to Rick's Ice Cream when you drop off/ pick up your child/children's materials this Wednesday or Thursday. It is valid for one small scoop (expires 12/31/2020). Using the coupon this month will support this small business now. 
Full Distance Learning Students - the coupon will be distributed this Friday at the Greendell pick-up.
Although we are not able to be together for this event, we can find each other by using the #hooverhedgehogs hashtag on Facebook and Instagram. When posting photos, do not include the names of children or have people in the background. 
Wishing you well,
VP of Events
Mom of Misa (3rd Grade) and PJ (1st Grade)