Important Information about Hoover Book Fair
Wed, Mar 1 9:15am

Hi All,


We are ecstatic about how the book fair is turning out. Your kids love the books and the toys. Couple of important things:


1) Each room teacher has put out a Wish List for books. It's a small piece of paper on the table when you walk into the book fair section of the MP room. There is a sign says "Teachers' Wish List" on that table.


If you are purchasing a book for your teacher, please cross off the book title from the list and deliver that book to your teacher, either yourself, or via your child.


Please don't put the book back on that table after you purchase it. We will assume that those books are unpaid and we will return them back to Books Inc.


If you already purchased a book for a teacher but put it back into the pile, please email me right away and we will find that book for you.


2) If you are sending your kids to school with cash to buy books, please make this an learning opportunity for them about how to make a in-person purchase in a store with cash. Let's teach them add up the prices of the items they have and leave some room for taxes. Some of our volunteers have been paying for the difference in total price for some kids who didn't have enough money.


3) The turnout of the book fair is exceeding our expectations. Please consider volunteering at the book fair. We still have today and tomorrow after school, Thursday and Friday mornings to sell the books. There are long lines at the two registers. Extra volunteers can help the kids figure out if they have enough money, can put books back and can help organize the books.


Thanks so much for everyone for making this a huge success.


Hoover PTA