Invention Convention - Poster Board picks + Additional information
Tue, Jan 16 9:13pm

Hi Parents, 

Please see below for additional details regarding the upcoming Invention Convention planned for the 8th of February! 
  • The poster boards for the IC will be available to be picked up this week 18th-19th Jan (Thu and Fri) from the school front office. 
  • Please make sure you sign off on the sheet  when the board is picked up
  • If your child is working with a group please make sure that you discuss with the other group members and that only ONE board is picked up for the entire group. 
  • There is no specific format for the poster board. 
  • In general, the board would have the following information: (please note that these are only some general guidelines to organize the board, but you are welcome to make it as creative as you like!
    1) A title + name of the student 
    2) The problem or question that will be solved with the invention
    3)  Materials and methods  ( include diagrams) 
    4) Results ( Include diagrams) 
    5) Conclusion & future directions. 
  • The slides can be printed and pasted on the Tri-fold poster board or they could be handwritten with diagrams. 
    Please ensure that the name and class of the student is noted at the back of the poster board, this will be very helpful at board pick up on the 9-Feb ( Friday)
  • Students are welcome to bring a prototype/ model or final product along with the poster board for display on the day of poster board drop-off ( 8th Feb) 
    If you need anything specific ( such as a larger area or electric outlets) please let the invention convention leads ( ie: Nimna and Nupur)  know ahead of time so that we can make arrangements to have them available. 
    As noted in the informational handout certain items such as open flames, live animals, sharp objects, or potentially hazardous materials are NOT allowed as part of the model/ prototype


Sign-ups are open till Friday 19th January, please sign up if you have not! 


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 



Nimna & Nupur