Invention Convention Thank You and a Call for Help
Sat, Feb 10 8:44am

Dear Hoover Community,

Did your child/children and you enjoy the Invention Convention? It was such a pleasure to experience this unique tradition that also brings our community together. Seeing all the amazing work from our hedgies is something that will be remembered for many years. 
This would not have been possible without the PTA, our parent leads Nimna Ranatunga and Nupur Kothari, custodians for moving tables and furniture, front desk for distributing the boards, teachers and librarian for promoting the program. We are grateful to our parent volunteers who helped with receiving the boards and coordination: Olga Petrova, Yasha Misra, Fang Liu, Shailo Rao, parent photographers Shivani Jain and Yasmin Htun (pics coming soon). To ensure this event is successful next year, can you lead this program next year? Contact
A call for help!
Parent volunteers are needed to take a PTA role in the 2024-2025 school year. Many of the current PTA Team will be termed out or 5th Grade parents so other parents must step up for a role: small or bigger role. This is the time to ask questions about any role and "shadow" the current team. Roles available: 
-Recording Secretary
-VP of Events
-Room Parent Coordinator
+ more!
Contact or for more information
If you are a 5th grade parent or don't plan to be at Hoover next year, there are still many opportunities for you. Sign ups will be posted next week. : D 
To learn about upcoming events and to voice your opinions, attend the upcoming General Association Meeting in person:
When: Tuesday, 2/13 @8am in P-11 (across from the front desk)