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Herbert Hoover Elementary School E-News [Jan 21, 2024]
Upcoming Hoover Events

Tuesday, 1/23: PTA Executive Board Meeting
Monday, 2/5 - Friday, 2/9: Invention Convention
Tuesday, 2/13: PTA General Association Meeting (in person)
Wednesday, 2/14: Lunchtime activity
Thursday, 2/29 @4:30pm: Children's Theater Performance
Friday, 3/1 @7pm: Children's Theater Performance
Saturday, 3/2 @2pm: Children's Theater Performance

Dear Hoover Community,

Inviting Volunteers for the Nomination Committee
What is a Nominating Committee? 
The Nominating Committee (or NomCom for short) is a group of volunteer parents whose purpose is to seek out and recruit parents and teachers for PTA Board positions and Key Chair roles for the next school year.

Yikes! That’s way in the future… I am just trying to survive this school year! 
Yes, we know. : ) However, our PTA bylaws dictate that the Nominating Committee must be voted in by the General Association at our February meeting (Feb 13) and post/publish the Nomination List 28 days before the April General Association meeting (April 9). Hence, the invitation to join. NomCom is here!

We are looking for parents from every grade level, including our incoming grades. The committee will include both experienced PTA members, as well as brand new parents and will have a total of 3 members with 1 alternate. The deadline to volunteer is Jan 25th. 

Why would I be interested in adding this to my plate? 
There are at least 2 great reasons…

  1. You may be interested because you seek a deeper connection with our school and with our community. By joining NomCom, you learn more about how the PTA supports both. You’ll learn about our events, programs, and activities, and you will learn more about how PTA works to enrich your child’s school experience. 

  2. You will create new friendships! Not only does your child meet new friends, you do too! 

Interested? If you are – or if you are a firm maybe, please contact the PTA Parliamentarian Nupur Kothari (nupurk@gmail.com) or PTA President Lisa Ma Wu (lisama@gmail.com) by Jan 25th. They would love to chat with you about this opportunity and answer any questions you may have. 

It is essential we fill the following PTA Executive Board roles for 2024-2025:

Executive Vice President
VP of Events
VP of Fundraising
Recording Secretary 

We have more roles available such as Committee Chairs and Key Volunteers but it is essential to fill the Executive Roles first so we are able to have a smooth transition. 

Reminders and Upcoming Events

  • The Great Kindness Challenge is challenging schools to create a culture of kindness during the week of January 22nd-26th. We would like to encourage students and parents to see how many acts of kindness you can complete in one week. 
  • Many of you already purchased a yearbook. If you want to purchase a yearbook, please purchase one here. We will not be accepting orders after March 15th.

Volunteers Needed

  • Sign up to help walk kids to Basketball at the Pavillon Mondays and/or Fridays from 11:50-12:30pm. No need to know how to play, just need to walk the kids from the gate to the gym and watch for their safety. There will also be one school staff that will accompany. Typically 20+ kids sign up to play but event gets cancelled if there is no parent volunteer. 
  • Sign up to help Anatasia on Mondays during lunch at the Garden. Any help would be appreciated.
  • We will need A LOT of help with International Festival (April 20th) and Carnival (May 29th). If you work for a company that allows you to take time off to volunteer, we need as much help as possible. Look out for sign ups or let our team know now of your interest for any Program or Event. Contact MonaMariia, or Lisa

Traffic Safety Tip: Cross at crosswalks or street corners
The safest place to cross the street is at a marked crosswalk or at a corner, if a crosswalk is not within a block. A pedestrian is more likely to be hit if they are crossing midblock where drivers are not expecting them. Always remember to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN before entering the crosswalk and crossing the street!  The below poster from the City of Palo Alto shows how to cross the street safely at a crosswalk.

Go Hedgies!!!!!
Enews Communication
Janet Lee
Hoover PTA eNews Editor
PAUSD & PTA Council Events & Resources

Green tip: Rain Rain Every Day
Rain has so many benefits, and you can put it to good use:

  • Install downspouts on gutters to water the garden. Attach barrels to the end of downspouts to save rainwater.

  • Rainwater is great for houseplants, lawns and garden beds, flushing toilets, and even washing laundry (the soft water cleans well).

  • If you’re changing a driveway or other pavement, consider pervious pavement to let water run through to the soil.

  • Water that runs off from roads and other places can have pollutants, so keeping it out of creeks and waterways is better for all of us.

More info on rebates and other benefits:

Middle College Interest Form
Palo Alto Unified Middle College High School is an innovative high school located on the Foothill College campus scheduled to open in Fall of 2024. The school offers cohort high school classes and college elective offerings. This unique environment fosters academic excellence and personal growth, allowing students to fulfill their high school graduation requirements. To receive additional information about the high school, please complete the interest form to ensure that you are included on the list. 

What's in an IEP? Advocating for Your Child
When: Friday, January 19th 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm 
Where: Register to get your Zoom link, Flyer 
Presented by Disability Right Califonia Attorneys, Gabriela Torres, and Leah Kang. Save the date. Join Palo Alto CAC and Disability Rights California to learn what is Specially Designed Instruction and how the use of Supplementary Aids and Services can help children with disabilities achieve their education satisfactorily in the general educational environment according to LRE provision of IDEA. Co-sponsored by Palo Alto Council of PTAs. Questions? paloaltocac@gmail.com 

Únase a Palo Alto CAC y Disability Rights California virtualmente para aprender qué es la instrucción especialmente diseñada y cómo el uso de ayudas y servicios suplementarios puede ayudar a los niños con discapacidades a lograr su educación de manera satisfactoria en el entorno educativo general de acuerdo con la disposición LRE de IDEA. enlace de zoom 

请加入Palo Alto CAC和加州残疾权益组织Disability Rights California的虚拟活动,了解何为“特殊 设计的教育”以及如何使用“补充辅助和服务”来帮助残疾儿童在普通教育环境中按照《残疾儿童教 育法案》(IDEA)的最佳相关性原则(LRE)规定,圆满完成他们的教育。缩放链接

PAUSD Parent Education Workshops/YMCA Project Cornerstone
Palo Alto Unified School District is delighted to partner with the YMCA Project Cornerstone. We have planned a series of three workshops for our parent community. The workshops will be virtual on Zoom and all parents/guardians from Palo Alto Unified School District are invited to attend! Parents can register for either or both workshops!

The workshops will be from 7 pm - 8:30 pm on Zoom on the following dates and topics:

  • February 6: Boundaries that Teach

  • April 23: Managing Stress and Fostering Resilience

Sign up here: tinyurl.com/PAUSDWorkshops

Community Events

Palo Alto Little League Baseball
Registration for Palo Alto Little League baseball's 2024 spring season is coming to a close. Here are the deadlines:

  • Juniors (ages 13-15): Jan. 11
  • Majors & PCL (ages 10-12): Jan. 24
  • All others (ages 4-11): Feb. 14

Please go to this site to register: https://tinyurl.com/pabaseballregistration2024
If you have any questions about PALL's spring programs, you can find answers at these sites:

Fletcher Middle School SOCAL Music Tour Benefit Concert
When: Tuesday, January 23rd at 5:30pm
Where: Fletcher Middle School Cafetorium
Cost: Student/Child Admission $10, Adult Admission $20
(Tickets only sold at the door. Only cash or check will be accepted for tickets and refreshments.)

Fletcher Music Department is pleased to invite you, your families, and friends to enjoy a spectacular evening showcasing performances and ensembles by our 7th and 8th grade Fletcher Band, Choir, and Orchestra. Watch as these talented musicians play family favorites from the Disney blockbusters "Beauty and the Beast", "Little Mermaid", and "Aladdin"! Listen for a special jazz piece called, "Alley Cat Struttin" by the Orchestra! It is sure to be a spectacular evening you don't want to miss! Join us at 5:00pm to enjoy some refreshments and visit with other Fletcher Families before the show stats at 5:30pm. Pizza will be for sale after the show. 

The SOCAL Music Trip is an exciting opportunity for the 7th and 8th grade band, choir, and orchestra students who will get to record a Disney song at the Disneyland recording studio and make lifetime memories of sharing the magic of Disneyland together. All proceeds from ticket sales and refreshments will go to support the SoCal Tour Student Scholarship Fund so that all students can participate. 

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