Let the Ice Cream Social Begin!
Fri, Sep 17 10:15am

Dear Hoover family,

We are pleased to share that Hoover will be continuing its ice cream tradition this year!
Please check your student’s Friday Folder for a coupon that is good for one small chocolate, vanilla or swirl Straus soft serve ice cream at Ada’s Cafe next to Mitchell Park Library courtesy of Hoover PTA and Ada’s Cafe.
Bring your coupon to Ada’s Cafe by 12/31/2021 to receive your ice cream and enjoy it with friends and/or family at Mitchell Park.
We are grateful to Ada’s Cafe for supporting the Hoover community by offering their ice cream at a discount for our event, and we are happy to support a local business and wonderful cause this year. To learn more about Ada’s Cafe, please see their website: adascafe.org.
Hoover PTA