List of Nominees for the Hoover PTA Board 2020-2021
Sat, Mar 14 8:09pm

Dear Hoover Parents!

We are very happy to announce that we have a full slate of Officers for the next school year's Hoover PTA Board! Congratulations to all the new nominees!! We will need to vote them in, at our next general association meeting.

But in the light of the new rules being implemented about parents and visitors not being allowed on campus until the end of this school year, and with the CA PTA and the Sixth District PTA (All Palo Alto school PTAs fall under them) being strict about conducting elections via teleconferencing methods, we are looking at alternative options for conducting our elections.  As we get more information, we will keep you updated.

Please take a look at the incoming Board Officers and Committee Chairs. The names in bold are new members. 

                 Hoover PTA Executive Board: 2020-2021

 Position:                                    Name:


 Ira Pamnani & Sunny Liu 

Executive Vice President

 Jong-Mi Lee


 Tina Chen


 Suyun Vaneveld

Recording Secretary

 Anita Tam

Financial Secretary

 Olga Petrova

1st VP of Fundraising

 Vasant Petlur

Co-VP of Fundraising

 Mayma Raphael

2nd VP of Programs

 Carol Nabbe

3rd VP of Events

 Lisa Wu 

Co-VP of Events

 Xiaojuan Wang 


 To be appointed by the



Hoover PTA Board- Standing Committee Chairs: 2020-2021

Membership & Administration Chair

 Ji Hae Yoo

Communications Chair(eNews editor)


Green Team/Envt. Sustainability Chair

 Yuhong Kong

Community Outreach Chair



 Meilani Hendrawidjaja


 Anita Tam

Special Ed. Chair

 Wei Wei Lin & William Nee

SEL Chair

 Queenie Zee

Health & Welfare Chair 

 Christine Yeh

Room Parent Coordinators

 Jasmine Dhaliwal & Nimna  Ranatunga



Indira Selvakumaraswamy