Lunchtime Legos & Games Volunteers
Weekly on and Wednesdays from Nov 3, 2021 to Nov 17, 2021
Herbert Hoover Elementary
Since Hoover PTA cannot host its traditional Lego/Game Night yet, we will be hosting Lunchtime Legos & Games on Wednesdays, November 3rd, 10th, and 17th. Please sign up to help 11:30am-1:00pm with setup, assisting activities, and cleanup. All volunteers need to have submitted proof of vaccination to PAUSD prior to volunteering ( If you have any questions, please contact Bryna Lee, VP Events (
All Volunteers Set Up and Clean Up Responsibilities
  • Go to the MPR (Multipurpose Room)
    • Go towards the stage
    • Open the second door from the left under the stage
    • Pull out the cart of five 6’ and two 8' folding tables
    • Go onto the stage and behind the curtain
    • Carefully bring down Hoover PTA Lego cart and game cart (each 3 tier) from the stage onto the MPR floor and bag of games for Kindergarten
  • Set up tables
    • Carefully roll cart of tables, Lego cart, and game cart through the MPR doors
    • Roll cart of tables to corner of lower and upper grade lunch tables, outside staff bathroom
    • Open and set up 2 table between poles (outside the walkway/covering when not raining) along the lower grade lunch tables and 3 tables along the upper grade lunch tables
    • Roll cart with two 8' to Kindergarten
    • Set up two 8' outside the last classroom,  one along windows and one along fence
    • Place cart outside the gate to the kindergarten yard along the fence next to the shed
  • Set up Legos, games, and sanitizing station
    • Place the dominos (colored, knocking down ones without dots) on a table along lower grade
    • Place the games on the other table along lower grade
    • Place a smaller box of Legos on each of the 3 tables along upper grade
    • Roll the Lego and games carts to the corner between the dominos and Lego tables with the Line Starts Here sign on cart facing the play structure
    • Put bottle of hand sanitizer on the empty Lego cart
    • In Kindergarten put the larger box of Legos on the table along the fence and games on the table along the windows
  • Clean up
    • Make sure all pieces are returned to the correct box and each box is secured with a rubber band
    • Return all Lego boxes and games to the appropriate cart
    • Collapse tables and put on cart
    • Return cart of tables to under MPR stage
    • Return Lego and game carts to the MPR stage, behind the curtains