Math Olympiad Registration
Thu, Sep 8 9:57pm

Math Olympiad Parents,

Our Math Olympiad classes start next week, and registration is Open!
Please fill out the registration form by Saturday, 9/17.
Here is our schedule:
Class Day/Time Start Weekly Homework? Assumed Knowledge Summary
Intro to Problem Solving (K-2) Mondays at 7-8pm 9/19 No None Beginning problem solving. Introduction to harder math.
Elementary and Coordinate Geometry (3-5) Tuesdays at 6-7:30pm 9/20 No None Intuitive introduction to geometry.
Mathematical Physics (5-8) Wednesdays at 5-6:00pm 9/21 Yes Algebra Group problem solving on algebra based physics problems. Weekly homework assignments.
Advanced Geometry (5-8) Fridays at 6-7:30pm 9/23 Yes None Rigorous introduction to geometry.
Elementary School Problems (3-5) Saturday at 5-6pm 9/24 No None Working through Math Olympiad problem sets.
Game Night (K-8) Saturday at 7-8pm 9/24 No None Quizzes for students grouped by ability, followed by group games
A couple quick notes;
1 - We're holding off on payments for a few weeks.  (Make sure you want it!)
2 - I can use a few more volunteers, especially for the Game Night.  If you have a responsible Middle or High Schooler that might be interested, please let me know.  The kids respond better to them than us old fogeys.
3 - The totally awesome Hoover PTA is running an in person Math Night on Friday 9/16 from 5 to 7pm. Come join us for Pizza and Games.  Click to Register
We have a fantastic group of volunteers looking forward to having fun doing hard math with your children this year.  The kids continue to amaze us with the curiosity, ingenuity and enthusiasm.  When the "More math" chant starts at the end of a session, we know we're with a special group.
Thank you for trusting your kids with us!
p.s.  Please shout if you have any questions not covered in the FAQ below.
Q1:  How much does it cost, and how do I pay?
A1:  $50 for the year.  We'll give instructions at the end of September.  We want everyone to try it for a few weeks.  (It's easier than processing refunds later)
Q2:  Is it in person or via Zoom?
A2:  Via Zoom.
Q2.5;  Can I sign up for more than one night?
A2.5:  Yes.  We even had someone ask us to schedule it 7 nights a week because she liked it so much.  It broke my heart not to accommodate the request.
Q3:  Do you do remedial support?
A3:  No.  The schools do a much better job of that than we could.
Q4:  Can you give more date and time options?
A4:  Only with more volunteers.  If you want to volunteer, please let me know!
Q4.5:  Can we switch classes mid-streams?
Q4.5:  Yes - just let me know so that we can keep registration straight.  (This is especially true for the Geometry and Mathematical Physics classes)
Q5:  Is it ok to miss a session?
A5:  Everyone is overscheduled, and we know that conflicts happen.  The kids that get the most out of this are the ones who put in the most work. 
Q6:  Who are the instructors?
A6:  Local Palo Alto parent volunteers.
Q7:  Are the grade levels hard limits?
A7:  No.  If you think your child is ready for a harder session, just ask me. Each year we have 3rd graders outperforming the 6th grade national averages on the contests.
Q8:  Is this only for kids already good at math?
Q8:  There are a lot of assumptions in this question. I track the kids who get the lowest score on the first contest.  The ones that stick with it eventually go from well under the national averages for their grade level to well over it.  Did they magically go from bad at math to good, or did something else happen?  We want all of the kids.
Q9:  When are the contests?
A9:  Monthly, starting in November.  They will most likely be at the Friday 5pm class.  We will publish the dates.  Our expectation is that most 3rd to 5th graders should take them.
Q9.5:  Is it just elementary students?
A9.5:  No.  The 5-8 classes are aimed at Middle Schoolers.  (Some of us had so much fun we didn't want to stop when our kids graduated)
Q10:  Are you open to students outside of JLS & Hoover?
A10:  Yes. As long as we remain on Zoom it's easy to handle kids from everywhere.  We even had a student dial in from Taiwan during COVID.
Q11:  I hear that it's hard.  Is that true?
A11:  Yes, by design.  We want the kids to have fun doing hard math.  If they're not struggling at all they're in the wrong class.
Q12:  Does this overlap what the school is teaching?
A12:  Generally not.  The contest math tends to be focused on number theory and discrete math which is covered less in the regular curriculum.  The other topics are also picked to avoid what is being currently covered by the Hoover teachers.