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[May 12, 2024]
Upcoming Hoover Events

Friday, 5/17: Family Social
Tuesday, 5/21: PTA Executive Board Meeting
Monday, 5/27: No School - Memorial Day
Wednesday, 5/29: End of Year Carnival
Friday, 5/30: Minimum Day, Last Day of School

Dear Hoover Community,

Upcoming Events: 

  • Friday, May 17th, 5:30-7:30pm, Family Social, Please wear your Hedgie shirt! To signup to help, please click this link.
  • Wednesday, May 29th, Carnival, Please wear your Hedgie shirt! Lookout for the signup to help which will be coming out on Monday.

Palo Alto Council of PTAs - Honorary Service Awards

For Hoover, please congratulate: 
  • Lisa Ma Wu, President. Lisa's leadership has truly been exemplary, characterized by her unwavering dedication, communication skills, and organizational prowess. Her commitment to ensuring that every aspect of the community is covered demonstrates her remarkable care and attention to detail at Hoover. Lisa's skill as a leader is evident in her ability to keep everyone well-informed and involved, fostering a sense of confidence and trust among the Executive Board, teachers, staff, and our community. Her meticulous organizational skills provide a high standard for excellence and assurance that Hoover is in capable hands. Hoover celebrates and recognizes Lisa's exceptional leadership and years of service. Her legacy will continue, leaving a lasting impact and inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.
  • Mona Soetano & Mariia Lishtaba VP/Deputy VP of Events. This leadership duo has truly been the backbone of Hoover's events, bringing their dedication, passion, and tireless efforts to bring joy to the community. The challenges of managing events on the temporary Greendell campus required extraordinary patience and resourcefulness, and Mona and Mariia rose to the occasion with remarkable grace. Their meticulous attention to detail, from the process of putting up and taking down flyers (which takes over an hour for each flyer) to the seamless coordination of logistics and volunteers, ensured that every event ran smoothly. Their increased presence at school not only made them recognizable figures to every child, but also underscored their commitment to fostering connections and creating lasting memories within the community. From Family Socials to the Ice Skating Party, Invention Convention, Carnival, International Festival, and countless lunchtime activities, their leadership was evident in every facet of event planning. Their vision and enthusiasm have left an indelible mark on Hoover, enriching the lives of students and families alike and creating a legacy that will continue for years to come. Hoover extends its deepest gratitude to Mona and Mariia for their hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to making every event at Hoover a memorable and rewarding experience.
  • Emily Chen, Key Volunteer, Children's Theatre Program. Hoover recognizes Emily Chen for her dedication in managing the Children's Theatre Program. Despite the challenges posed by being on a temporary campus and the increased rehearsal demands of a musical, Emily handled everything with grace and professionalism. Managing a large group of students, sometimes single-handedly, and ensuring smooth logistics for pickups demonstrates her exceptional leadership skills and commitment to providing a memorable experience for the students. It's clear that Emily's efforts have left a lasting impact on the Hoover community, with the Children's Theatre Program being remembered as a highlight of the school year. Hoover is grateful for Emily's dedication and appreciates all she has done to enrich the school experience for everyone involved.

Go Hedgies!!!!!
Enews Communication
Janet Lee
Hoover PTA eNews Editor
PAUSD & PTA Council Events & Resources

Green Tip: Recycle the School Year
May brings paperwork, parties, goodbyes, summer, and more - let's be mindful of the planet:

  • Recycle artwork - Remove glitter etc before recycling, take photos. Shred important papers for packaging or recycling.

  • Reuse and repair - Art as notepads, notebooks, pencils, pens, backpacks, lunchboxes. Pass down items to younger students.

  • Say thank you - Give staff gift cards, local or homemade items, donations in their names.

  • Plan a green trip - Bring reusables, pack light, look for green certified hotels, bus or train. Explore carbon offsets. Save resources wherever you are. 

  • Enjoy nature - Clean beach litter, pack out hikes, leave what's there. Use reef-safe sunscreen. You are a role model for students.

  • Think ahead - How do you want to start next year - advocate for better policies or discuss climate change? What steps can you take for the future?

The Earth is here for you - let's send some love back.


Community Events

Volunteer Opportunity for Parents (as little as 1 hour per week)
Did you know that we live right next door to a school district where: 
* 88% of students come from socioeconomically disadvantaged households? 
* 46% of students are housing insecure?
* 44% of students are more 3 grade levels below their current grade in Reading and Math?
Come to our information session on May 8th to learn how you can help tutor these students during the school day. Information here: RSVP via email to To see the impact from a current teacher's perspective, watch this 3-minute video:

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