OMICRON: New Insights with Dr. Peter Chin Hong (includes video index)
Wed, Jan 12 11:31am

Dear Hoover Community,

Here is the video index.

*Thank you to our PTA Treasurer Tina Chen for making the time to create an index for us!*

00:00:35 Welcome, Intro
00:02:43 Dr. Hong's Presentation
00:03:50 How Is Omicron Different
00:05:02 Is Omicron More Contagious
00:09:35 Do Vaccines Work
00:16:00 Do You Get Sicker with Omicron
00:19:56 Do Current Treatments Work
00:23:46 Will Masks Work
00:25:43 Will Tests Work
00:26:59 Concluding Remarks
00:28:35 Q&A
00:29:01 Re-infection Questions
00:31:18 Vaccine Choices
00:33:33 Booster & Antibody Decline
00:35:04 Mixing Vaccines
00:36:14 J&J Questions
00:38:04 Quarantine Guidelines
00:41:04 PCR vs Antigen Tests
00:43:30 Protecting Children
00:45:50 Kids Vaccination Risk, Side Effects
00:47:50 Outdoor Safety
00:48:49 Indoor Safety
00:50:10 Family Gatherings & Grandparents
00:51:39 Omicron Incubation Period
00:52:10 Omicron Booster & Transmissibility
00:53:05 Hospitalization
00:54:15 Can I Trust Negative Results from Rapid Tests
00:55:23 Treatments at Hospitals
00:56:44 Convalescent Plasma
00:57:44 Navigating Home Management
00:59:41 Goodbye


Hi Everyone: 

I wanted to share this video by Infectious Disease Physician Dr. Peter Chin Hong.   It is one hour long, but well worth the time and quite comprehensive if you want to understand the Omicron variant.


He explains:

*How contagious is Omicron?  Why it is rapidly increasing?  

*Do vaccines work? -  "Yes" if you look at the outcomes which are  decrease in hospitalizations and decrease in deaths from the virus.  A booster is at least 80% effective against severe Omnicron. 

*Treatments current and in development.

*N95 masks are the gold standard, but any mask is better than no mask.

*Rapid Tests - don't test too early, it will come negative. 

*Most infectious period of the disease is 2 days prior to 3 day after developing symptoms.



Stay Healthy,