One check form items now online on Konstella
Sun, Aug 18 4:30pm

Dear Hoover Parents!

To make it easier for parents who wish to donate online, we now have the One check form items online on the Donations and the Sales pages.

Please go to the MORE tab on your Konstella homepage, click on the drop down menu and:

1. Go to Donations tab to donate towards the Direct Appeal and PTA Membership Dues

2. Go to Sales tab to place order for the Yearbook.

Alternately, you can click below on the following links:

1. For Direct Appeal and Membership dues

2. Yearbook Ordering

* If you want printed Tax receipts for your donations, kindly reach out to our  PTA Treasurers

Amber Song -  OR Meilani -


We thank you for your support and your contribution.

In appreciation,

Indira Selvakumaraswamy,

On behalf of Hoover PTA